Resource Links

Our students often ask about resources. This compilation is for all practitioners.

Preparedness Bulletins

Risk assessment, business impact analysis, supply chain risk; program auditing, preparedness for winter weather, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more.

Be sure to check out the detailed guidance in our preparedness bulletins.


Download our program self-assessment checklist that is based on NFPA 1600. It includes more than 200 questions to help you evaluate your preparedness program.

Over many years of educating graduate students and instructing professional development courses, many have asked where they could find good information. This compilation of links to Internet resources was started years ago to fulfill those requests.

Each link has been placed under the most appropriate heading, and many links provide information that could be placed under multiple headings.

If you come across a great resource (excluding .com links), please send us a message, so we can share it with others. Likewise, if a link doesn't work work, kindly let us know.