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Preparedness Bulletins

Preparedness BulletinOur bulletins offers in-depth guidance into preparedness topics of interest. Click here to access our archives.

Program Assessment Checklist

Download our self-assessment checklist based on NFPA 1600-2013. Use it to evaluate your emergency management and business continuity program. A 2007 edition checklist is also available.


Be sure to check out our "Resources" page, which includes links to numerous organizations and hundreds of documents to assist you with the development of your program.

Welcome to Preparedness, LLC

Preparedness, LLC is a client-focused risk consulting company serving public agencies, nonprofits, and global businesses.

“Our mission is to safeguard people, protect property, and minimize business interruption. Our vision is to thoroughly understand each client's business and become a long-term trusted adviser.”

We assess hazard and operational risks; develop loss prevention and risk mitigation strategies; and develop, help implement, and evaluate emergency management and business continuity programs.

We assess hazards and threats to people, property, and business operations. We assess vulnerabilities and analyze the potential impacts of hazards. Our analyses provide management with the information needed to make effective risk management decisions to prevent, mitigate, or finance risk. Our business impact analyses also provide information to determine business continuity strategies and requirements.

We recommend strategies to prevent hazards or mitigate the impacts of hazards that cannot be prevented. We develop and help implement loss prevention and risk mitigation programs. We support risk management programs through collection of property data, coordination of insurance company loss prevention consultants, and provision of direction and reports to risk management.

We develop emergency response and business continuity plans, so companies can respond effectively to emergencies and sustain critical business functions if there is an outage or disruption. This includes organizing teams, writing plans, conducting training, and facilitating drills and exercises.

Preparedness, LLC evaluates existing emergency management and business continuity programs using the criteria presented within our National Preparedness Standard, NFPA 1600. Donald L. Schmidt, CEO of Preparedness, LLC chairs the technical committee and has helped write all six editions of NFPA 1600. Our program evaluation will provide you with a prioritized list of recommendations that can serve as a blueprint for program enhancement. 

We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we can help enhance your preparedness efforts.

Donald L. Schmidt, ARM, CBCP, MCP, CBCLA, CEM®